Notes Along the Way ~ 9/26/16
Four things from my desk to yours this week:cropped

This evening the first presidential debate takes place: aside from what is actually said by the candidates, it will surely highlight the reality of our polarized nation. What does the church have to say to this? (What can I say, should I say, or?!) What in our faith could help bring us back into a healthy balance? Send me your ideas—and prayers!

Bread & Survey
Next Sunday we’ll celebrate World Communion Sunday: I’m inviting anyone who likes to bake bread to make some and bring it to share. Also, it’s the due date for returning the “worship survey #2.” Your combined feedback and timeliness will be useful to the Church Council.

Yesterday (Sept.25) Finance Chairperson Paul Graham reported that, based on the end of August, we’re about $12,000 behind budget for pledged and systematic income—a predictable hole after summer vacations, if deeper than usual. But Finance Secretary Kathleen reports September is going to dig that hole even deeper. So—Hey! Summer is over! Time to get back on track in worship (attendance) and keeping faith with our pledges to the work of the church. It’s still needed, still happening, let’s keep it rolling.

Kids in the Community
Community partnerships: we’re going in cahoots with the local Girl Scout troops (all of them,) to host a “trunk or treat” event on Oct. 29th. Now is the time to sign up to host a spooky trunk of treats or a game booth for kids (ring toss, fishing hole, etc.) Call the office to get your name and idea or game reserved, then start practicing your scariest howling.

And a good word to start the week: “Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.” Benjamin Franklin


Peace, pastor Gary

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