Rev.G 10/4/16

g-headshot-wpHere are a few things I hope you find useful going into this week:

Episcopal Glimpse: a quick video intro to our new Bishop, Rev. Dr. Grant Hagiya. Click the video link on Cal-Pac’s website here (scroll down the screen then click on the start arrow).

Staff Certification: through our insurance carrier and the Conference, all our staff (with one in still in process) have been “Safe Gatherings Certified”; this certification is focused on ethical behavior and legal requirements (such as first reporting for child abuse), as well as a sensitive introduction to how to recognize people who have been traumatized and may need extra care or professional help.

Thanks to all who made bread for our (overloaded!) World Communion Sunday service:

Margie Hanley (challah + Hawaian), Kathy Joseph (whole wheat French), Lee Silver (who baked while recuperating from surgery), contemporary ‘babka’ from Doris Mleczko—and special thanks to Lisa Kadowaki for bringing all the extra treats and helping set up.

Date Night (in the Morning)

Years ago I had a church consulting gig that had me traveling around the country 2-3 weekends a month—and away from Karen and home. After a while, we noticed that once I got back home, it was hard to get back to feeling ‘normal’ (even the dog was looking suspicious when I came through the door.)

So we discovered what many couples have: the need for a specific ‘date night.’ It’s pretty simple, not really fancy—but it is highly intentional; it’s not about anything other than staying connected, so that when things get crazy or the sky falls in, you’re ready to cope, together. It’s not rocket science, and it sure works.

I hear in conversation, read in emails, and see on Facebook that many CUMC folks are moving fast and all over the map—with Sunday worship often falling off the bottom of busy schedules. Let me suggest that everyone make a regular date with your church family for Sunday mornings. You can do it for your sake, at least, but it’s also for others: they come looking to you for the fellowship, connection, support and encouragement that comes with being present for one another. It’s the old “where two or three are gathered” thing…

Besides, there’s good music, and the coffee is getting steadily better.

Peace, pastor gary

Bonus track: About Taylor Swift:

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