Rev.G 10/25/16

Halloween?! Could we please tap the brakes? Pause for a moment and consider: g-waving

What We Didn’t Do
This Sunday we will remember by name all CUMC members who have passed away since last All Saint’s Day (Oct.31, 2015). Remembering those we love and all they did in their lives calls us to a reckoning of what we have done, what are we doing with ours.*  Surveys of very elderly people report that, when they look back on their lives, they do not regret what they did—but what they did not do, the chances they skipped, the dreams they never pursued.  So…now and then, tap the brakes: where are you going?

What We’re Going to Do
This All Saints Sunday, I invite you to bring any small photo or token of remembrance to put up on the special tables that will be in the chancel. Candles will mark the names we formally remember in worship, but feel free to add something to remember any of your own family who have “passed into glory.”

Also To Do— Vote
If you’re not on Facebook, here’s a good article recently posted to the CUMC page:

Schedule Ahead
So much for tapping the brakes, here are key dates for CUMC members and the community:

  • UMMen’s Yard Sale: Saturday November 12
  • Mission Brunch & Single Service: Sunday November 13 (special guest chef!)
  • District Charge Conference: Monday, November 14, 6:30pm at St. Paul’s UMC Oxnard

Schedule Christmas
The four Sundays of Advent begin Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving weekend). This year, Christmas itself falls on a Sunday, and we’ll have a single service of worship—what do YOU think: in the morning, or the evening?? The full holiday schedule will be posted soon—prime opportunity for inviting friends and neighbors into the good stuff at CUMC.

Peace, pastor gary

*From an interview with David Letterman in retirement:
“I don’t miss late-night television,” he said. “And I’m a little embarrassed that, for 33 years, it was the laser focus of my life.” For all the time he spent vying to succeed Johnny Carson at NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” and then locked in combat with his onetime friend Jay Leno, it was Mr. Leno who got the gig instead, and then surpassed him in the ratings. Talking about his own experience, Mr. Letterman said: “It took a lot of energy, and it probably would have been better expended elsewhere. Now it just seems like, really, that’s what you did?”

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