Rev.G 1/16/17

To Members and Friends of CUMC ~finito

This coming weekend, Karen and I will depart on a vacation/cycling expedition in South America. This is to let you know a bit about our plans, and how ministry will continue while I’m away.

First, the basics: we’re returning to Chile to tackle something new for us— a mostly unpaved route going almost 800 miles south to a village just 500 miles short of where people take off for the Antarctic! Karen really hopes to see penguins. We will ride with another couple, all on our own, camping and staying in villages along the way.

During this time, CUMC will follow the same protocol as before: our District Superintendent has been informed, and in the event of a genuine crisis, can be called upon.  Otherwise, I have total confidence in our staff to lead in their respective areas, in consultation with one another and the respective chairperson. Together, they will sustain our usual tasks and programs.

  • Any events, actions or decisions that are out of the ordinary and raise questions, then the chairperson of the respective committee, in partnership with our staff, will handle the question (for example, building questions go to Trustees.)
  • If the issue or question is broader than any one committee, the executive committee of the Church Council is responsible—and again, our Superintendent is available for consultation and guidance.
  • In terms of pastoral oversight, my thanks to Rev. Terry Bushart, who has graciously agreed to be available for pastoral consultation and guidance.
  • As always, if you have questions, please call the church office first.

Regarding worship, I am very pleased to welcome four very different and very gifted preachers: Rev. Dr. Sharon Rhodes-Wicket (retired), Dr. Peter Carlson of CLU, and two familiar faces—District Lay Leader Mele Maka, and our own Luvi Avendano. I strongly encourage you to be present to hear their witness, and to share the best of CUMC’s hospitality.

We’re scheduled to return after Valentine’s Day. None of this would be possible but for the understanding and approval of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, the Church Council—and your support of our adventuring! We hope to “succeed”, which means coming home safe, exhausted, renewed, and with stories to tell and great photos to share—but only when asked.
For your encouragement, support and prayers, muchas gracias, and Ciao!

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