Church Library

As Presidents’ Day was this week, take a few moments to think about and read about the First Ladies who have also served our country. You can find these books in the Camarillo UMC Library and learn about the lives of these strong and influential women who have affected our history, each in her own distinctive way:

Abigail Adams by Evelyn Witter – The personal faith of America’s second First Lady kept her strong during our nation’s war-torn early years. This biography written for young adults is a wonderful introduction to the wife of one of our Founding Fathers.

Queen Dolley by Dorothy Wilson – This is well-researched historical fiction at its very best. Dolley was one of the most influential and glamorous women of her time, a woman deeply in love with her husband, known as the consummate hostess, and daring enough to risk her life saving priceless treasures when the White House burned.

Eleanor: The Years Alone by Joseph Lash – Eleanor Roosevelt lived 17 years after her husband Franklin’s death in 1945. This is the story of those mature years, in which her humanitarian work on behalf of world peace and social progress earned her the title of First Lady of the World.

Bess Truman by Margaret Truman – Bess Truman is more than a rare, intimate, and surprising portrait of a famous First Lady who kept her deepest feelings and considerable influence on President Truman hidden from public view. It also is the heartwarming story of an enduring love and a remarkable political partnership told only as their daughter could tell it.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis by Barbara Leaming – Leaming’s sensitive biography is the first book to document Jackie’s lonely and valiant thirty-one year struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that followed the life-changing moment of JFK’s assassination.

Nancy Reagan by the Ronald Reagan Library Foundation – This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition, Nancy Reagan – A First Lady’s Style, which was on display at the Reagan Library in 2008. The gorgeous photos and brief commentary provide a sketch of her as a private person and a public celebrity.

Simply Barbara Bush by Donnie Radcliffe – This was the first complete biography written about Barbara Bush. It celebrates her upbringing and devotion to family values, and it delves into her dedicated work on behalf of literacy, education, and cancer research.

Michelle Obama by Willis & Bern – With nearly 200 photographs, these two noted scholars capture Michelle Obama’s dramatic transformation from working mother to First Lady. In this beautiful visual biography, the authors show how Michelle Obama represents the culmination of America’s evolving views on women, race, motherhood, and beauty.

CUMC Library is located on the church property by Brooks Hall.
Open – Sundays, 8:30-11am.

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