United Methodist Women (UMW)

Fellowship Group Meetings

  • Deborah – Wed. 4/19, 1 pm in the CUMC Youth Room. Nancy VanCott and Arlene Hampton will be hostesses. The program will be a UMW Book Review.
  • Esther – Thurs. 4/20, 9:30 am at Helen Faul’s home.
  • Martha – Wed. 4/19, 1 pm at Ellen Honorico’s home. Dorothy Bronzini will present a book review as the program.
  • Priscilla – Wed. 4/19 9:30 am in the CUMC Youth Room. Joan Faragher and Carol Smith will host. The program will be from the Response Magazine.
  • Lydia/Ruth – Wed. 4/19 1:30 pm at the home of Marj Deniston. The program will be led by Pat Roth describing the activities and need of RAIN.


Don’t forget: buy your tickets for the Luncheon-Fashion Show at your fellowship meetings, and the next UMW General Meeting is June 17 with a presentation by Val Rains.

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