Endowment Fund


The purpose of the Camarillo United Methodist Endowment Fund (the Fund) is to strengthen the church’s outreach through long-range planned gifts not ordinarily made to the church through our tithes and pledges or through specific fund-raising activities. Gifts made to the Fund remain in trust for the perpetual benefit of the church’s religious, charitable, and educational ministries, as directed by the donors. Only the income is used to support the designated ministries; the principal remains in perpetuity.

The Fund benefits church members through various ministries. Since its inception in 1991, the Fund has benefited close to 50 church youth and adult students with their college educations. The addition of four ministry funding opportunities in 2008 enables the Fund to broaden its outreach to others in areas of specific interest to donors:

  • Age-level Ministry Fund: Includes children, youth, family, adult, and senior ministries;
  • Outreach Ministry Fund: Includes Church Growth, Church & Society, and missionaries;
  • Trustees Ministry Fund: Includes facility, property, and major projects;
  • Worship Ministry Fund: Includes music, media, and fine arts ministries; and the original Fund;
  • Scholarship Ministry Fund: Includes merit-based scholarships to selected students who have been active in the Church while living in Camarillo and meet scholarship criteria as stated in application. Click here to download the Endowment Fund Scholarship Application.

For more information on the Camarillo UMC endowment fund, please feel free to contact the church office at 805-482-4312.