Thursday Zoom Discipleship Group 
  Begins September 3rd, 2020 @3pm
Having guided us through Leonardo da Vinci’s brilliant painting achievement ”The Last Supper”, and followed by the whimsical side-track adventure “Hunting for Truffles”, Gene Bream is now offering to guide us on a “Pilgrimage to Chartres”, starting Thursday, September 3, @ 3pm.  Knowing Gene, we suspect this pilgrimage will engage us for 3 or 4 fascinating weeks together.
We’ll concentrate on the stunning cathedral of Chartres, including its world-renowned stained-glass. But Gene will also help us trace the earliest sites of worship elsewhere on our planet, and then the first tiny gathering places of the early Christians. He’ll help us explore how we evolved from the cumbersome, dark, Romanesque churches of the Middle Ages into the spectacularly soaring, light-filled Gothic cathedrals like Chartres. We’ll dissect the brilliance of how they designed and then built these glorious monuments to faith. How could these towering cathedrals have been created in such a flourish of building in Europe, more than 800 years ago?! We’ll question how these magnificent monuments in stone could possibly go up in flames, and try to comprehend the tragic fire at Notre Dame de Paris last spring.
Gene will take us through an entire final session of stained- glass window creations at Chartres Cathedral and show how Biblical stories were illuminated in this magnificent medium. We’ll actually learn to “read” several windows together.
To join the Zoom sessions, sign up here and include, “Pilgrimage to Chartres” in the notes section. Gene will follow up with an email with the Zoom login information.