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Good Friday Print Narrative 2020

Pearls in the Process

(Ministry of the Ordained)

What This Is & What It’s For

A reference for the discussion group, “The Collar – Yours, Mine, Ours”.

This is a very rough cut from the United Methodist Book of Discipline 2012*, specifically the section laying out the “Ministry of the Ordained”—what it is, what are the qualifications and process of becoming ordained, etc. I’ve edited out several long sections of very arcane process, but it’s still plenty long, and detailed enough to provide a good look at ordination: what it means, what it requires, etc.

The purpose is to provide a starting point for discussion in several directions: first, the questions of examination are very explicit about God, Jesus and the church (see pages 2, 4 and especially 7-8). The discussion group will take on those questions individually and collectively.

Secondly and specifically for CUMC in anticipation of a transition in pastoral leadership this spring, this is also an opportunity to discuss the understanding and expectations we have for clergy—and how those relate to the expectations clergy come with under appointment to a church.

In other words, plenty to discuss in just five weeks of Lent! Printed copies will be available for the group.    I look forward to sharing this experience of discovery together.

pastor gary

*I’ve used this 2012 version because I don’t have a digital version of the 2016 BOD, and both will be superseded by the 2020 version—whatever form that takes after the major decisions to be made at General Conference in May.

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