Your Wedding at Camarillo United Methodist Church
This is a time for joy and also a time to reflect upon the direction and purpose of your life together. Our Senior Minister will be a part of your wedding; an appointment will be set for you to meet with him to discuss your service. All attention will be given to assure a ceremony of reverence, dignity, and beauty.

The minister and congregation of Camarillo United Methodist Church hope that your life together will be full of joy, and the home which you are establishing will abide in peace. If you reside in this community and do not have a church, there is a place for you at Camarillo UMC.

Wedding Ceremony ~
Our sanctuary provides a wonderful setting for your wedding and seats up to 400.

Use of Sanctuary – $300
$100 of this amount is due upon final approval of your application to the church office in order to guarantee your wedding date on the church calendar. Deposit is Non-Refundable. Weddings may be postponed or rescheduled in case of personal emergencies or conflicts with reception planning.

The $200 balance of the building use and the remaining fees are to be given to the Wedding Coordinator two weeks before the wedding.

  • Sanctuary: $300
  • Minister: $200
  • Organist: $200
  • Wedding Coordinator: $200
  • Custodian: $50

 Total: $950

A soloist is available for an additional starting fee of $100.

Wedding Coordinator
All weddings are hosted by the Wedding Coordinator who will meet with the bride to discuss details of the wedding, to host the one hour rehearsal, and be available prior to the start of the wedding, during the wedding, and for approximately 30 minutes after the wedding for photographs and signing of the wedding certificate. The Wedding Coordinator will require an additional $25 per hour if additional services beyond 30 minutes after the wedding are necessary. The Coordinator will arrive two hours prior to the wedding to open the sanctuary and the bridal party rooms, decorate, accept flower delivery, and answer questions.

Snack food and drinks may be brought in for the bridal party; however, we ask that you do not use red colored beverages. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises.

The items listed below are not included in our wedding package price of $950. Please contact the Wedding Coordinator as soon as possible to arrange for these services:

  • Aisle Runner – starts at $50—this is a lacy-design pellon aisle runner. (If you have your own aisle runner, the Wedding Coordinator will arrange it for the cost of $25).
  • Tapers and unity candle – $40
  • Tapers only – $25
  • Pew bows and tulle – $75

Media Specialist for a minimal fee of $100. This will apply if there are multiple microphones and/or CD’s required for the ceremony. Additional fees apply if the Media Specialist is required to attend the practice session. The Media Specialist will be hired by the Coordinator, no outside personnel may be used to perform this function, be allowed to operate any of the media equipment, or be in the media room.

Wedding Receptions  –  Brooks Hall
All receptions are hosted by the Reception Coordinator. The wedding party is responsible for providing all food through approved caterers only, nonalcoholic beverages, and all paper products needed for their guests, including table covers and decorations. Receptions may not last longer than five hours, starting when the first reception guest arrives. The Reception Coordinator will require an additional fee of $25 per hour if the reception process lasts longer than five hours. Our reception hall seats 160 guests; 20 tables with 8 chairs to each table. No cellophane tape, nails, hooks, or staples may be used in decorating the hall. We suggest masking tape or decorator putty.

Reception Fee Schedule

  • Reception Coordinator: $200
  • Custodian: $100
  • Fellowship Hall: $300

Services Provided

Guest tables as well as a cake table and buffet tables will be arranged at the bride’s direction. Punch bowls are available for your use; however we ask that you do not use red punch. Coordinator will be available on site 2 hours prior to event to direct hall decoration, be available to your service personnel, and ensure timely preparation of your event working with caterers, baker, florist, etc.

Rev. Gary M. Keene

Contact our church office for scheduling and more information:
(805) 482-4312 (M-F, 9 am – 4 pm)